Teaching the Lost Like Stephen (Teach the Truth)

When we consider Stephen’s defense before Jewish leaders in Acts 7, we first recognize that Stephen preached the Gospel by using a concept that his hearers knew and would understand (The Old Testament).  The second way we can follow Stephen’s example is preaching to the lost is to speak the truth, and only the truth.

Modern philosophies advocate the idea that all truth is relative. (I wonder if that is a relative truth?) The say that is what true for me, may not necessarily be true for you. (I wonder if that is always true?) Truth is all about how you feel and isn’t based on any absolute standard. (Is that statement absolutely true?)

As I hope you are able to see from my parenthetical comments, this is a wrong way of thinking.  Truth is no relative.  It’s not based on each individuals idea of what is true. It’s not about how we feel.  Truth is absolute (and that is absolutely true.)  What was true yesterday is still true today. What was true ten years ago is still true today.  What was true 2000 years ago is still true today. Truth is undeniable and absolute. It doesn’t change. It doesn’t depend on how you or I feel about it.

We know that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is truth, and if we are going to teach others that Gospel, we must speak the truth just as Stephen did.  There are many in this world that don’t want us to speak the truth, but rather deny what we know and accept the “new truth.” They want us to look at our Bible and say, “God didn’t really mean that,” or, “That only applied then, it doesn’t apply now.”  Many people believe that those of us who continue to follow the words of a 1st century teacher in the 21st century are backward, out of date, and we should be shunned from society.

Every single word written in the pages of the Bible is truth. All Scripture is breathed out by God (2 Tim 3:16). God’s Word is truth (John 17:17). Even if the world doesn’t want to hear it, it has not changed, and it will not change.  Stephen knew that those to whom he spoke did not want to hear the truth about Jesus, but he spoke it anyway.  

As Christians, we must do the same things today. Sure, some people may be turned away by the truth, but I ask you this question; “If people only listen to us because we tell them what they want to hear, what good have we done them?”  Can telling someone what they want to hear save their souls? Absolutely not! They can only be saved if we are telling them the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth!

In the next post, which I promise I’ll try to get out a lot faster than I have been working, we examine the topic of fear. Until next time, God Bless.