A Word Fitly Spoken – Proverbs 25:11 (sermon audio)

Many passages of Scripture speak to the importance of how we use our words.  Today we consider three ways we ought to use our words: to bless God, to build up, and to bring others to Christ.

What Kind of “Salty” Language Are You Using? – Col. 4:2-6

My Sermon from Sunday morning, 12/20/15

We have been surrounded for so long by unsavory language, especially that which dishonors and disrespects the name of God (Ex. 20:7), that we have in many cases ceased to notice it.  This is extremely dangerous for the church, and we must keep a close watch on what we say, especially when it comes to the name of God. Sermon from the morning of 12/20/15 at the Orangeburg Church of Christ