What Leprosy Taught Me About God – Leviticus 13-14 (sermon audio)

Many yearly Bible reading plans have come up short thanks to the difficulties of reading and understanding Leviticus.  There is just so much detail that doesn’t quite apply to the church today.  However, that does not mean there are not lessons that can be learned from this book.  In this lesson, we take a look at three lessons that can be drawn from the two chapters in Leviticus dealing with leprosy.


A Holy Nation: A Survey of Leviticus (sermon audio)

As we have begun reading Leviticus in our daily reading, it seems fitting to spend some time in that often overlooked book of God’s Word.  In this lesson, we try to hit some of the high points, and focus on the overall theme of the book, the holiness of God and His people.

Godly Living 101: Sexual Purity (podcast)


People who want to live Godly lives must be pure in body and in mind. Sexual purity is such a difficult topic to talk about in our churches today. It is one we often shy away from, but it is one that we must stop ignoring. We have to recognize it for what it is, and teach the truth that God’s Word wants us to know about sexuality.

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