Give Thanks to the Lord: For He is Just – Psalm 136:10-20 – sermon audio

We have innumerable reasons to be thankful to God. A few of those reasons are described in Psalm 136, which reminds us to give thanks to God whose steadfast love endures forever. The Psalmist writes in a few lines about God’s defeat of Israel’s enemies, who were justly punished because of their wickedness. God is always justice and always renders as is fitting for the sins that are committed. Only those covered in the blood of Christ can have their sins washed away and be pure and righteous in the eyes of God.

A Doorman in the House of God

The world will tell you to do anything and everything to get ahead in this life, but for a Christian, it’s more important to make sure what you are doing is right. It’s better to be a lowly doorman and be with God than to gain everything here on earth and lose your soul.

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