A Widow’s Offering – Mk. 12:41-44 (sermon audio)

10/22/17 a.m. sermon

It’s not much, but it’s what I have.  That was the attitude of a poor widow in Jerusalem about 2000 years ago when she gave a tiny amount of money to the temple treasury.  We learn from her a lot about the attitude of giving.  As we study this story together, let’s notice a few things about giving that we can understand from the Scriptures.

The Purpose of the Old Covenant – Heb. 8:7-13 (sermon audio)

9/3/17 a.m. sermon

As Christians, we live under the dispensation of Christ, in these last days, and the Law of Moses, contained in the Old Covenant is no longer binding on the Lord’s people today.  That Covenant was nailed to the cross, it was taken out of the way as the Hebrew writer notes, quoting from the prophecy of Jeremiah in Heb. 8:7-13.  For this reason, we sometimes have a tendency to ignore what God has to say to us in the first 39 books of the Bible, but in this lesson we take a look at two specific reasons why we would do well to pay attention to the Old Testament as well as the New.

Bible Study: Minor Prophets – Amos 1.5

With the beginning of the New Year (and following requests from members) I have decided to start recording Brother Kip Garrett’s Sunday morning Bible Class at the Orangeburg Church of Christ in Orangeburg, SC. I’ve titled this lesson Amos 1.5 because it is the first such recording I have done, but this was not the first lesson in the series.  We have already had a couple of lessons, but unfortunately, I did not have recordings of those.  I also apologize for any problems in the audio quality of this recording.  Working with limited equipment and time only allows for so much quality to  begin with and only so much editing can be done.

Prayer for a Sinful Nation (Ezra 9-10)

My sermon from this past Sunday evening (9/20/15) taken from Ezra 9-10, where Ezra prays becaue of the sin of the returned exiles.   As we read the account, we must be reminded that we too should pray for our nation, even though sin is rampant.  In Chapter 10 of the text, we see the positive result of Ezra’s prayer.

God Delivers (podcast episode 32)

In case you were wondering, that title has nothing to do with pizza, but we can imagine that if God did deliver pizza it would pretty good.  I digress.  Today we are looking at a passage of Scripture that tells us how God delivers his children, and what must be done in order to obtain that deliverance.  Grab a Bible and turn to 1 Samuel 7, and join me in this time of study today.


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