I Want You to Know Him – Eph. 1:15-23 (sermon audio)

9/10/17 p.m. sermon

The apostle Paul was always ready to let the brethren to whom he wrote know that he was praying for them.  The letter to the Ephesians is no different as he tells them, “I never cease giving thanks for you and I am regularly remembering you in prayer.”  In particular, Paul prays for them to grow in the knowledge of God, in three specific ways that we will consider in this lesson.  He wanted them to grow in knowledge concerning their hope, concerning their inheritance, and concerning God’s power.

Making Known the Mystery of His Will – Eph. 1:7-10 (sermon audio)

8/27/17 p.m. sermon

Apologies for the late post, but in this lesson from our “The Beautiful Bride of Christ” series looking at the book of Ephesians.  Tonight we consider a little bit deeper a smaller portion of the first chapter in which we consider the blessings of redemption and forgiveness, lavished on us in God’s grace, as he has made known the mystery of his will for saving man through Jesus Christ.

Do Not Worry (podcast episode 33)

Today we continue studying the Sermon on the Mount with a look at the closing section of Matthew 6, verses 25 through the end of the chapter.  In this passage Jesus us shows us how we have no need to worry about the cares of this world, but instead we should put our faith in God, and trust Him to take care of us.  Grab a Bible, open it to Matthew 6, and study the Word of God with me today.


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God’s Calling For Christians (podcast episode 27)

A lot of people in the religious world today like to talk about callings.  A lot of different people believe different things about this idea of  callings from God.  One thing we do know for certain is that God, through His inspired Word, the Bible, has called Christians to a number of different things.  Today we will look at how God has called us from the book of 1 Peter.  Grab a Bible and let’s study together.

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