A Mother Worth Remember – Luke 1:26-56 (sermon audio)

On Mother’s Day, we honor those women in our lives who deserve to be honored every day for all that they do.  As we think about mothers, it is helpful to us to look at a mother in Scripture, the mother of Jesus, and a few lessons we can learn from her.


The Beauty of the Word MOTHER (podcast episode 25*)

Happy Mother’s Day! I realize I am a couple of days late on that, but I hope that all the mothers who read this had a great day on Sunday and were well taken care of by your families.  This is the message I preached at the Orangeburg church of Christ on Sunday May 11, 2014 in honor of the Mother’s Day holiday.

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Thanks to GEWatkins.net for the outline and material for this Sermon.  Giving credit where credit is due.

*If I counted correctly.