The God Who Judges Righteously – Revelation 16:4-7

Our God will judge the nations one day, and when he does, all his judgements will be right.  He will never get it wrong, there will be no second chances.  We must all be ready for that day.


The God Who is Faithful – Romans 4:18-21

Psalm 146:6 declares that our God, in whom we put our trust, is a God who keeps faith forever.  He is a God who is always faithful and trustworthy.  His promises will never come up short.  Together, let’s study some of God’s promises, both conditional and unconditional, as well as some things that he didn’t promise.

The Gospel Centered Life – Philippians 1

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the greatest news that has ever been heard.  It is central to the life of a Christian, and must be our focus in all that we do.  Paul appreciated how the Philippian church was involved in the spreading of the gospel, and he gives instruction to live as those who have been called by the gospel.

Disagree Without Being Disagreeable – Romans 14:13-23 (sermon audio)

We don’t have to agree on every single thing. Liberty is a gift that we all have, and we’re all free to exercise that gift.  However, when that liberty comes between brethren and causes problems for the church, something needs to be done about.  Thankfully, Romans gives us some guidance in how to live with each other, even when we may disagree.

The God Who Knows – Isaiah 40:28 (sermon audio)

We serve an awesome God! When we stop and we consider just how great our God is, it should leave us in awe, and we should be thankful for who our God is.  This morning we begin a series looking at several attributes of our God, and it is our prayer that by the end of it, we’ll have a great appreciation of our God.  In this lesson we consider that God is a God who knows. He knows all about us, what we do, what happens to us, and even why it happens.  And we should thank him for that.