The Father of the Faithful – Romans 4:9-12

As children we would often sing, “Father Abraham, had many sons. I am one of them and so are you.” Romans 4 explains to us how all who have faith in Jesus are children of Abraham, following his example of faith. Despite some failures in his life, Abraham is an outstanding example of faithfulness that parents, and all Christians can follow today.

The Father of the Faithful – Romans 4:9-12 (sermon audio)

For Father’s Day, we consider the Failures, The Faithfulness, and the Future of Abraham, that Father of the Faithful.  May all Christians, both those who are fathers and those who are not, be encouraged by his example and strive for faithfulness in their own lives.

The Builder of All Things is God – Hebrews 3:4 (sermon audio)

We serve a God who is infinitely powerful, infinitely knowledgeable, and infinitely loving.  Our awesome God created a universe for us to live in, and he created this race that we call humanity.  From that human race he has brought into the world his people, first the Jews who led to Christ, and now Christians, the citizens of Christ’s kingdom.  God wants all to be in his kingdom, and he desires that all would be saved.

Saved By Faith, But Not Faith Alone – James 2:24 (sermon audio)

It seems to be a commonly held belief in the religious world, that faith alone is enough for salvation, but the Bible teaches something entirely different.  James said, very clearly, that we are not saved by faith alone.  Faith must be completed by action.  Join us as we consider these things from God’s Word.

God Will Provide a Lamb – Gen. 22:8 (sermon audio)

God’s plan for redeeming mankind was in place long before Christ came.  Through the family of Abraham, through the son of the promise Isaac, all the nations would be blessed.  In one instance, Abraham’s faith was tested, and God reaffirmed the covenant with the patriarch.

Three Tests of Abraham’s Faith (podcast)


Well, this is my first attempt at a podcast connected with the blog here.  I’m still trying to figure all of this stuff out, so hopefully this will get better in time.  Click the download link above, which should take you to the proper place to listen to this episode.  Once there, open your Bible and click play.

Abraham was tested.  We know that without a doubt.  How was he tested?  Why is he included in the Hebrews 11 hall of faith.  Using those passages we’re going to look at three tests to Abraham’s faith, and how Christians living in 2014 can learn from them to live lives that are pleasing to our God.