The Organization of the Church – 9/9/18 Sunday Bible Class

Teacher: Matt Burleson
As we think about the work that Christians are to be doing, it’s necessary that we think of how God has organized the church so that the work can be best carried out.  In his wisdom, God has made Christ the head, and the church his body, and each congregation is to be organized in a specific way, with elders and deacons who lead and serve the members of the body.

Bible Study: Minor Prophets – Amos 1.5

With the beginning of the New Year (and following requests from members) I have decided to start recording Brother Kip Garrett’s Sunday morning Bible Class at the Orangeburg Church of Christ in Orangeburg, SC. I’ve titled this lesson Amos 1.5 because it is the first such recording I have done, but this was not the first lesson in the series.  We have already had a couple of lessons, but unfortunately, I did not have recordings of those.  I also apologize for any problems in the audio quality of this recording.  Working with limited equipment and time only allows for so much quality to  begin with and only so much editing can be done.